Yup.  It was Easter.  And I have a question for you: Did anyone reading this blog enjoy some of the cookies Kevin decorated?


Vincenzo had better restraint and didn’t lick anything while decorating, but he kept putting this on his  Easter cookies:


Here is what 18 dyed eggs look like:


(At least it’s what they look like when one person wants to see how dark he can make the pink one, and one other person has to eat a hard-boiled  egg as soon as he sees hard-boiled eggs.)

Here is what one cup of purple dye looks like on a white carpet:


Rocco is again awarded the best Easter morning picture:


(If you’ll remember, he earned the same award two years ago for this picture:


I couldn’t take enough pictures of Leo in his little Easter outfit:





And then Kevin told me to tone it down because Leo looks just like Angus Young from AC/DC:


After the Easter egg hunt, the kids went for a Sunday drive:



Then we played a game of chair ball, which looks like this and hurts a lot more (chairs not pictured):

2015-04-05 2015-04-05 001 055

And that was it.  My boys wore clothes that matched and had neither zombies nor fake blood on them for an entire 12 hours, so it was a good day.


Ham and chicken crepes
Roasted vegetables

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