Peeps Show

So Leo spent a day with his grandparents (“The Gomps,” as my heavily speech impedimented kids have come to call them, and thus so have we).

At the end of his stay, “Gomma” gave Leo three Peeps and told him one was for him to eat and the other two were for him to bring home for his brothers.  When Gomma looked over at him a minute later, all the Peeps had disappeared.  (I know, right?!)

She asked what happened to them and Leo told her that the Peeps were still going home to Brothers, they were just going to travel there in his stomach.  The Peeps had been cold, he explained, and they were much warmer now that they were in his stomach.

And I just can’t decide: do I have a con artist on my hands…or is Leo a friggin’ humanitarian?!


Either way, Peeps be with you, and have a happy Easter.

Going out

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