Boys’ Blue Room

I just realized I never posted the much-anticipated pictures of the boys’ “new” room.    So, just to review, here’s what the room looked like before:


Sigh, I still miss that nursery.  Well, mostly I miss my babies.  But moving on…


Beds are hard to make:


The art/picture wall (I left some room for it to grow on the sides; the uppy-downness of it will meanwhile drive me crazy.)


The boys’ desk:


What the boys’ desk really looks like:


A couple notable features– the Lego light switch:


…my obsession with lighting, that extended to the closet:


…and this lamp which I thought was the most hideous thing I had ever seen but then it got installed and, well, I saw the light.  Here it is closed…


…and opened:


(I’ll have to retake this picture at night.  I feel you are not appreciating the awesomeness of the lamp right now.)

So that’s it!  We crammed a ton into the little space, but somehow it all works.  Of course, we can no longer hold big ballroom dances in the room anymore, but having kids is all about making sacrifices, ain’t it?

Tofu stir-fry
Brown rice
Magic bars

2 thoughts on “Boys’ Blue Room

  1. I’m way behind on posts…I love the new room! And I love that Wonder is sitting out on the bookshelf! 🙂

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