1. On the car ride back from Great Wolf Lodge Leo spilled applesauce all over his lap (don’t ask why he was eating applesauce in the car).  I scooped it all back into the container then offered it to Kevin.

“Want some lapplesauce?”

2. Me: If you were to get a cat, what kind of cat would you want?
V: Siamese cats!
Me: Vincenzo!  In these modern times I think we’re supposed to call them conjoined cats.

3. Me: If I ever write a novel, I am going to make the main character’s name Maiden China.  Get it? 
Kevin: And she can be in fierce competition with her sister, Hechoin Mexico!

4. Me: If I ever own a hockey team, I am going to make its mascot the hawkies. 

(By the way, these four snippets all came out of my mouth in about a 30 minute period.  If someone had asked me to solve global warming during that 30 minute period I totally could have done it.)

5. Rocco: Dad, are you going to hot yoga?
Me: Rocco, he’s wearing jeans.  He doesn’t wear jeans to hot yoga.
Kevin: That would be fancy yoga.
Me: No…that would be haute yoga.

6. Me: I think I might move the desk out of the cloffice and put in storage shelves instead.  The only problem is…what would we call the cloffice?
Kevin: The clorage.

Now that I’ve written this post, I see it for what it is: a bunch of groaners and eye-rollers…not the comedy gold it felt like at the time.  It’s best for you to just to keep your distance when we get like this.

Fried corn tortillas with goat cheese and roasted peppers, ancho chile sauce, avocado-tomatillo salsa, and fresh corn salsa
Brown rice
Refried beans

2 thoughts on “Punnies

  1. Well aren’t you guys fancy? Around here Fried Corn Tortillas are just called chips.

  2. Jnet: Nah, I don’t fry them that much–just a minute or so to change them from normal, gross-tasting corn tortillas to soft, oil-laden circles of sin. I’ll have to make this dish for you. It was awesome!

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