Just for fun

1. My sisters and I took the kids to an arcade and at one point Jnet found Rocco wandering around by himself.

Jnet: Are you supposed to be walking around on your own, Rocco? 
Rocco: I don’t know.
Jnet: Don’t you think we should go find your dad?
Rocco: Well, he’s the one who lost me…

2. We were sorting through Rocco’s shirts to see which ones fit.  He came to this one:


He said, “My next shirt will say Vote 5 Me because I’ll be five!”

(He later decided he will get one with a new number for every year except 8 because it sounds weird to say “Vote 8 Me,” like he got eaten by the vote.)

3. Vincenzo: Is there an X-Box 3?
Me: No.  Well…kind of.  X Box 1 is the third X-Box they made, so it’s kind of like X-Box 3.  The second X-box was called X-Box 360.  And the first was called…
Vincenzo: I know!  Playstation!

Chicken tettrazzini
Roasted vegetables
Mini Oreo cheesecakes

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