I got my hands on the sweetest pair of little girls last week—my friend let me photograph her five-week-old twins.  She was an amazing assistant, too, as I don’t have a studio and there are some acrobatics involved with holding the blankets and lights just so and sticking just the right amount of washcloths under the babies’ heads to hold them up.  Plus, she brought tutu diaper covers, which I didn’t even know existed!  Here is some newborn goodness for you to share today.












Macaroni & Cheese
Feta omelet
Sugar cookies

(I know, a bit random—it’s leftovers from eating at restaurants all weekend)

4 thoughts on “Twinsies

  1. Wow, you are getting really good Rachel. I think my favorite is the seventh photo. Unless its the fifth one. Or maybe the eighth. Or maybe the last one. Gahhh!

  2. Hello Mrs Mouthy, Anne Geddes called, she wants her career back.

    Hands down the first one is my favorite, they are smiling (!!!) while shaped as a heart.

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