So we were coming out of swim lessons the other night and Kevin and I were pleasantly discussing our weekend plans and Rocco, meanwhile sounded like this: Hey mom and dad look at that fire hydrant hey look look why aren’t you looking see the fire hydrant it is all smashed why is the fire hydrant smashed HEY MOOMMM HEY LOOK HEY LISTEN TO ME STOP TALKING STOOOPPPP!  THE FIRE HYDRANT!  HEY!  HEY MOM HEY MOOOMM!!!!

I started to get after him for interrupting, but Kevin interrupted my interruption of Rocco’s interruption to say, “He can’t help it.  He’s just one big stream of consciousness.”

I said, “No, that was definitely more a scream of consciousness.” 

So Kevin says, “That’s going on your blog.”

*record-screeching sound*

I tell him that anytime someone says that I won’t put it on my blog because 1) people really just don’t get it and no one can understand the cutting room floor of MrsMouthy’s blog but me and also 2) I don’t know, I just don’t want to be predictable I guess or have it seem like I’m just waiting for things to happen so I can put them on my blog.*

So nope, that was not going on my blog.

Then in the car there was some hilarious dialogue where we were all changing each other’s words around and cracking up but sometimes, I swear, my brain is on the same program as SnapChat so 30 seconds later I couldn’t remember a thing about the conversation, even though that was worthy of my blog. 

Later, after the kids had gone to bed I asked Kevin to bring me “Mine computer” (because Leo says “mine” instead of “my,” so naturally we have started speaking that way and I always wonder why is it all mine kids all need so much speech ferapy?).  Anyway, K said he’s waiting for the day I ask him to bring me “mine scrapbook” instead of “mine computer” and when I asked why, he said, “So then you will have to ask me to bring you ‘Minecraft.’”

There was an awkward silence when I know he wanted to tell me that that was going on my blog but now he knew he couldn’t, so I said it for him and now here I am blogging about it, whether I should be or not.

This blog post has left me so confused about who and what I am.

Shiitake peanut noodles
Teriyaki tofu

*I am.

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