Rocco questions

Rocco, if I haven’t mentioned it, is a child full of words and all day long the words come out and come out and keep coming out long until after lights out.  Many of those words come out in the form of questions, like some of the choice ones I’ve recorded for you below:

Nothing is too big for everything, right?

In Sweden are all the people skinny and really flat and made of cardboard?

What would happen if you left lime water out too long?

Which is more dangerous, lightning or arrow points?

Do they make cups that when you are finished drinking from them, you can eat the cup?

How many hours until we die?

I love his inquisitive nature, though some of his questions are unanswerable, some require very lengthy explanations/discussions that he is completely uninterested in, and some just make you say wuuuuutttt?  All of them asked together in the course of the day and patiently answered, however, can really make a person feel tired and worn out

This year we have discovered the magic of play dates, where the pressure is off of us for an hour or two.  When Rocco had his best friend over for the first time this year, we sat for dinner and his friend asked, with completely no context at all, “Do you think the fastest goat would be hard to herd?”

Rocco, it seems, has met his match.

And it is a match made in heaven.

Ricotta gnocchi with brown butter sauce
Roasted yam with cinnamon
My usual salad
Crack pie (from Momofuku’s cookbook) 

(By the way, it sounds really weird to hear your kids ask if the crack pie is ready yet.)

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