Picture dump

A few things that have made MrsMouthy smile this past season (and proof that my boys are not the only  thing I take pictures of):

A backyard picnic in the leaves:


A hike to the falls:


My nieces’ adoption:


My nephew’s eyes, wow:


An inch of snow and neighborhood friends:


An actual reindeer:


Leo feeding a camel, mouth open like a mama feeding her baby:


Boys and train sets:


A very thrilling standing-still sleigh ride:


Giant gingerbread houses:

(Look closely to see Big Bertha tunneling into the ground and dollar bills coming out the other side.)

My littlest niece’s visit and our impromptu photo shoot:


A Christmas Eve rainbow and these little Beastie Boys:


This toy, which you definitely need to get if you have kids.  If you don’t have kids, you need to go get some kids, and then get this toy:

Magic Jinn Game

My sister making a sled ride look like a photo shoot:




Leo, looking more like a race car than a boy:


My dad, flying:


My boys’ glamour shots (Rocco’s has to include a touch of the ridiculous, of course):




So now you’re all up to speed on MrsMouthy’s fall/winter.

Bean thread noodles with beef and Asian pear
Cucumber ribbon salad

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