Leo came into our room at 2AM the other night saying, “Let’s snuggle!”  He climbed into bed between me and Kevin and asked me, “Do you want to pet Rasta?”  So I rubbed Rasta’s back for a bit.

Then he said, “I have this yellow thing for you,” and held out his hand.  I pretended to take it and said thanks.  He kept insisting he still had something yellow for me, though, until I opened his hand up and plucked from it his special yellow gift for me: one small, warm, well-rolled booger ball.

It’s times like this that Kevin and I talk about how we can’t wait for the days we’re old and senile, or at least old enough to pretend to be senile, so we can do things like pretend to be our children’s pets and offer them gifts of carefully rolled booger balls.

Paybacks, boys.  Paybacks.

Mini chicken pot pies
Salad with oranges, candied walnuts, and feta cheese
Chocolate peppermint ice cream cake

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