Christmas ‘014

My favorite conversation on Christmas morning:

Me: Let’s take showers before we open presents.
Vincenzo: But I just took one a few days ago!
Rocco: Yeah, and I already took one tomorrow!

How our tree looked on Christmas morning:


It’s hard to tell, but that is a 15-foot-long plush boa constrictor wrapped around it.  One of us was a little irritated with Santa about that.  The others embraced it—or more accurately were embraced by it.


The favorite gift I received is also my least favorite gift.


It’s a gravy boat.  Har har.  It is equal parts awesome and despicable.

The favorite gift I gave?  It was these shirts that I gave to my parents and siblings.  We are from Bothell, and the shirt has both the name of our hometown on it as well as our hometown city’s slogan:


In fact when you enter MrsMouthy’s hometown of Bothell, you find a sign with this exact writing on it.  Only someone always manages to vandalize the sign, so on Christmas Day, after my family all saw their shirts I took a roll of duct tape and did the same thing to them:


One last gift, from Leo, who thinks he is Rasta, to Grammy:


Christmas is just becoming a string of puns and practical jokes for me. 

I think I’ve been blogging too long.

Ham and Swiss quiche
Sweet and sour salad with broccoli and ramen

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