Christmas Letters

My kids got it in their heads to write Santa letters today.  Leo asked for a space car and told Santa he will leave him cookies but also hinted that he might eat Santa’s cookies himself.  Then he told me to sign it, “Love, Rasta.”

Rocco asked for a very specific part to a train set that has a pond with a bridge over it and fish floating in the pond.

And Vincenzo?  He wrote, “I don’t need many presents.  I just hope I get a sapphire pin.  I also want time with my friends.  Hopefully this isn’t too much.”

I can’t tell if he is sincerely sweet or if he is playing the Jewish Mother card.  But seeing as Christmas is a Christian holiday, I have to go with the sincerely sweet option.

Anyway, up until yesterday when anyone asked the boys what they wanted from Santa, their answers were, respectively, “I don’t know,” and, “I’m not sure.”  Except Leo—he wanted a Space Gun.

Thus, it has been a busy day for MrsMouthy, who, up until today, had all her shopping done three weeks ago.

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