Do you miss my longer, wordy, snarkier posts?  Too bad.  Mostly pictures today—but maybe by the end you’ll see why I don’t have time to write more than this lousy explanation for why I haven’t been writing many blog posts.

I hosted our annual gingerbread houses decorating day (which involved baking and building ten houses ahead of time):


…and helped the boys make jeweled serving spoons/forks for some of the teachers:


…and helped them make these stick Christmas trees for the other teachers:


…and helped them paint three of these babies for Christmas presents:


…and helped Vincenzo make five sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments for his student market:



…and helped the boys make two of these for Christmas presents:


…and finished round one of holiday baking and delivering:


…and somehow also I have also gotten the boys to two martial arts lessons a week, two basketball practices, three speech therapy appointments, one family swimming lesson, and weekly visits to Great Grandpa and Great Aunt Helen.

And just to be mean:



I feel crazy.  I feel invincible!  I also feel like I must be incredibly irritating to a lot of people right now. 

But most of all I am irritating to myself.  I am so irritated!  Can Christmas just be over so I can go back to making fun of myself?  I like me so much better that way.

Pork tenderloin with plum sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Fresh fruits/vegetables
Christmas cookies

2 thoughts on “SOMEBODY STOP ME

  1. You were also the first to send a perfect family Christmas card to my house before I had even ordered ours! Thanks for that guilt trip too! And, what the hell, did you color coordinate the wrapping paper on your gifts? Good grief.

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