1. V, at dinner: Mom, could you make ozone for us this week?

(He meant orzo.)

2. R, watching a basketball game: Which team are we voting for?
K: The black team.
R: Is that the one that’s red and white?

3. Rocco, coming out of his bedroom one morning: Mom, there’s something brown all over my sheets but I know it’s not poop.
Kevin, going in to investigate: It’s not poop.  It’s actually blood.
Me: Oh.  Whew! 

4. Leo at prayer time: Please help me have money to buy wocketship.
Vincenzo: Leo, you already have money to buy a rocketship.  You just don’t have enough money.

5. Rocco: We should have unfortunate cookies more often.

Stir fried soba noodles with tofu
Miso soup

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