Laundry conundrum

I did the week’s worth of laundry this weekend.  Here are the three boys’ folded clothes—first Vincenzo’s, then Rocco’s, then Leo’s.


Notice anything missing? 

Here, for those who need the punch line spelled out for them:


Nothing grosses me out so much as my own children.

Baked capanelle and prosciutto in fontina bechamel
Roasted carrots with thyme
Double chocolate brownies with ice cream

2 thoughts on “Laundry conundrum

  1. I’m sort of in the opposite camp as I tend to love the child more if they produce the least amount of laundry.

  2. My brother, when he was in his late teens, early twenties, and still living at home, worked as a surveyor, in the swamps at the Magic Kingdom. when my mom would do his laundry, he never had any socks to wash. It was then that we found out what surveyors use for toilet paper.

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