An Even Five

1. Rocco: Can you please pass me some agent pear?
Me: Sure.  Just make sure you don’t ask anyone to pass you the agent orange, okay?

(He meant “Asian pear.”)

2. Rocco: How long until we’ll be at school?
Me: 7 minutes.
R: But how many seconds?
Me: 420 seconds, but it doesn’t make sense to talk about it in terms of seconds.  Usually when we go somewhere we ask how many minutes or hours it will take.
R: Okay, then how many hours until we get to school?

3. Rocco: When you put “cracker” and “apple” together you get “crapple!”

4. While browsing the Christmas toy catalogs…

R: Ooooo, a camera!
V: That’s not a camera, that’s a telescope.
R: Ooooo, a telescope!  [circles it]
V: Rocco, you circled three telescopes!
R: Because that’s just what I wanted!

5. More toy catalogues…

R: Look at this one!
V: Yeah, do you know what it is?
R: No.  Do you?
V: No.  But let’s circle it—we want one!

Oaxacan tacos
Cumin black beans
Glazed carrots
Chocolate chip cookies

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