Need advice—quick!

Okay, readers, we are getting close to the finish line with the Big Boy room.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:



Okay, so it doesn’t look like much but this represents a solid month of weekends spent painting, skim coating, repainting, trimming, buying, assembling, touch-up painting, and moving of stuff from one room to another.  Not to mention the hour it takes me to clear things off the bed and desk to actually take these pictures!

But I need some advice on the desk area.  We bought a bunch of magnetic boards to hang above it and will buy some white cabinets to hang above those.  Here’s the general idea:


The question is this: do we leave the magnetic boards silver, as they are, or should I cover them with lime green cloth?  Here’s the general idea (the board will be centered over the desk):


Here’s a really crappy Photoshop attempt to show about what it will look like green, though I would do more of a chartruse than a grass green:


What do you think?

Chicken stew in pumpkin bowls
White chocolate seckel pears

6 thoughts on “Need advice—quick!

  1. Tricia, I was totally hoping you’d comment because I LOVE your style. You and my German neighbor have the best taste, and she also likes silver. 😉

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