Awesome Sauce Turns 9

You didn’t think I would let Vincenzo’s birthday pass without a post where I make fun of him, demonstrate his complexities, get soft on him, then turn him into an immortalized icon, did you?


It’s just hard to write about V without it sounding like a bunch of bragging. He has mastered the English language so I can’t write about the hilariously misspoken. It’s no longer appropriate to post pictures of him doing absurd things in his underwear, even though I have plenty.  Now I have to draw clothes on him so he doesn’t get embarrassed:


Vincenzo is calm, studious, well-behaved, polite, social, hard-working, generous, and of course brilliant. Seriously, for birthday presents this year he asked friends to donate to the Wolf Conservatory. How can I make fun of that?! It’s like he doesn’t even care that I have a blog anymore!

Of course, he sometimes forgets to put his homework in his backpack.

And once he went to bed without flossing.

So I guess there’s that.

Vincenzo is just a go-with-the-flow guy who is as happy being enrolled in a singing/dancing class as he is being enrolled in a karate class. If he could plan the perfect day he’d spend half of it reading and half of it playing with friends. Actually, he’d first ask if he could spend 100% of it playing video games and when I told him “no,” he’d go for the reading and playing with friends thing.


Every time he has a play date, it’s with a different person—everyone likes him and he likes everyone. He is just at home playing with Rocco’s four-year-old friends as he is having sleepovers at his 12-year-old cousins’ house.

Well, there is one kid who always strikes a nerve with Vincenzo and who Vincenzo wishes he never had sleepovers with, but that kid’s name is Rocco so he’s going to have to get over it. We don’t have enough bedrooms for him not to.

Vincenzo knows how to laugh at himself, like when he looks over at dinner to see me and Kevin slurping noodles straight off our plate because that’s what we saw him doing a minute ago. Then he might cry because I tell him he spelled the word “scool” wrong on his homework. Then he laughs when I tell him that he is crying about the letter “h.”


He has never spent a cent of his own money on himself, but he donates big chunks of his money at a time when Hopelink or his school’s jog-a-thon come around. He reads absolutely anything that is made up of letters. He understands and can explain the sun doesn’t go down at night but that our part of the world is actually rotating away from the sun.


He also runs around the house in his undies yelling, “Me want fight Daddy now! Me want fight Daddy now!”

Vincenzo is our absent-minded professor who dresses himself in a purple plaid button-up shirt, blue striped shorts, black knee-high socks, and fluorescent yellow flip-flops. Sometimes I let him go out like that; sometimes I try to help him. Either way he goes out, he will tell everyone who asks that he is doing “awesome.”

And he is. He is our sometimes silly, often thoughtful, usually sweet, always awesome boy.


Here’s to another year of awesomeness, Baby Number One.  We have never stopped being as proud of you as we were on the day you were born.


See how proud we were?  See how proud we are.

Jackfruit enchiladas
Chicken quesadillas…just in case
Jackfruit coconut creams


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