Random Funnies

How many blog posts have I given that title to?  Lazy MrsMouthy.

1.  I always decorate the table for my boys on their birthdays.  I asked Kevin to add something to the birthday wishes this year.


I live with some regrets.

2.  Either Rocco’s head is on backwards or his shorts are—either way, this picture is confusing.


3.  Leo wanted some trail mix so I gave him a handful.  He spent about five minutes saying, “One for me…one for Mama.”  Can you guess whose pile is whose here?


4. Rocco kept asking for a box to keep his rock collection in and I kept saying, “Just a minute…I’ll find you one later.  So he found his own box.  Behold, Rocco’s rock collection:


5.  I got Leo a Lunchable the other day.  He made this sandwich:


And for his second sandwich:


I got so thirsty watching him eat the second one!

Pork and pinto bean soup
Parmesan broccoli
Maybe apple pie.
Maybe not.


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