Third grade. THIRD!

It’s too weird to think about having a third grader already, so I will instead tell you about curriculum night and how Kevin and I always behave so badly at these things and go home feeling like our parenting license should probably be revoked. 

This year V’s teacher left a blank piece of paper on each student’s desk so we could write our babes a little note for the first day of school.  Before I show you what Kevin wrote, think about what you might write on your note.

I’ll wait.

Right?  Something like, “Have a great first day!  We’re so proud of you!  Listen to your teacher!”  Something like that.  But no.

Here is Kevin’s note to V, front, middle, and back (FYI I am Mamba, and yes I did read):


Some of the humor probably escapes you, as much of it is based on previous jokes and harassment by Kevin of Vincenzo’s friends, but you get the idea.  I sat there on curriculum night giggling and giggling in the back of the classroom while other parents asked questions about workload and number sense.

I don’t think V’s teacher be biased against him though, since we were sitting in a different kid’s seat.  That’s always important on curriculum night, we have found.

And now, my baby boy, on his first day of third grade.


And can’t forget about these guys who are always hanging around him!



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