I have drafted so many epic blog posts this week, but drafting is the easy part—I spend more time editing than I do writing!  So to tide you over…

1. Rocco, touching my leg today: Mom, your fur feels nice!

2. I went shopping without kids the other day and got carded for the first time in a looooong time.  Is it good or bad if the cashier looks at your i.d. and says, “Wow!”

3. I guess I haven’t been the greatest driver this summer.  Lately whenever I step too hard on the gas or brakes, Leo says, “Sorry guys,” to everyone in the car on my behalf.

4. Leo calls broccoli “bwoccoweed.”  It makes me smile.

5. Rocco, as we turned the lights off and left the room last night: Vincenzo, how slanty are we sleeping tonight?

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