Vacation Week

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of blogging about our week in Chelan.  It’s just too big a thing to manage!  22 people, 7 days, 1 house.  I feel like a dog who is trying to play fetch with a basketball.  Here’s a little sumpin’-sumpin’ that I was able to bite off for you today—a juxtaposition of the beginning of our week with the end.

At the beginning of the vacation we cleared and wiped the tables before eating.  By the end of vacation we just shoved the Legos, old dishes, and dirty underwear to the middle of the tables and teetered our plates on the edges.

Table at the beginning:


Table at the end:


At the beginning of vacation we couldn’t get enough of the pool.  We did things like this…


and this…


and this!


By the end of vacation we got in the pool only occasionally, more out of obligation than anything, and we just drifted around aimlessly on floaty toys, and we felt exactly like this:


At the beginning of vacation we were coming from our homes, our bodies fueled with fruits and vegetables and whole grain breads and pastas.  By the end of vacation we were fairly bloated from unlimited Slurpees (we had our own Slurpee machine), cinnamon rolls, donuts, S’mores, cheesecake, chips, sodas, ice creams.  The kids embellished all their foods with chocolate bars; the adults with whipped cream vodka.  And just look at how this vacation food took a toll on Kevin’s body!

Kevin at the beginning:


Kevin at the end:


(He was really good about applying sunblock.)

So that’s what I got for you today.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll work on the middle part–if I can find a spare 32 hours.

3 thoughts on “Vacation Week

  1. What??? Cousin’s gettting married! I can’t wait to hear Mrs. Mouthy’s take on this one.

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