Okay, Summer, you are beginning to wear me out…but I love you anyway.  I’m a bit too overwhelmed with where to start blogging about our summer, so I’ll just throw a few pictures up and hope I have time to fill in later this week.

Took Rocco/Leo to the car museum with their grandpas:


Watched Leo win his first race (he’s the one in the stroller here, being pushed by his uncle “Kooks):

Built a lot of these:


Hit up the Museum of History and Industry:


Paid off this many library fines:


Went to a lot of parks:


Spent a weekend at our friend’s cabin in the mountains:


Took Vincenzo, a friend, and The Grandpas to tour the Boeing plant:


Ate a lot of peas from the garden:


Celebrated our anniversary on a tiny island with nothing on it but a 5-star restaurant:


Went camping here:


…and I am POOPED.  But happy.

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