The Fourth on The Fifth

Here is our holiday mostly in pictures, plus a few words.

The very helpful picture I sent McStreamy when she asked me to describe where we were in the parade crowd:


Leo’s dreadlock of tiredness reaching Parade Level:


In fact, I’m not sure he was actually awake during the parade:


The most exciting part of the parade for our group–the part we jumped up and cheered and waved our flags for:


(Great Grandpa is on that bus.  He had the choice between being in the WWII veterans group or the Assisted Living group.  He didn’t even have to think about his decision.)

The helmet that is like another son to me:


McStreamy’s Spawn is so sweet and gentle that he wasn’t getting any of the candy being thrown.  Here he is just after McStreamy taught him how to stand on the side of the street and hold his hand out so that strangers can give him candy:


(He can drop out of preschool now.  He knows everything he needs to know already.)

A four-year-old running on the beach:


An eight-year-old, running on the beach:


Just another normal day at the park:


Two pretty good pictures of the boys:


One great picture of the boys, a la photoshop:


Oh, Photoshop, I love you almost as much as I love my boys.  😉

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