4th of July

I saw a friend at the park this week and she said, “I can’t wait to check your blog this week to see what you’re crafting up for the Fourth.”

The Fourth?  Er…

We’ve been more focused on “braun” than “brain” this summer and all the beach time has made us a bit derpy.  But when I browsed through some photos of the past couple weeks I realized we haven’t been totally brain dead around here.

The boys made this for their Great Great Aunt—it’s watercolor on stretched canvas (I just taped out the lines with masking tape and had them paint over the tape), then Vincenzo added the stars with acrylic paint when dry.  The “Believe” is a sticker.


And I made this wreath for the boys’ Great Grandpa, except for the awesome fancy red flower—my sister made that, I have no idea how but it probably involved dark magic:


We made cookies, but since we make cookies almost every day I hadn’t thought to blog about it:


I decorated my mantel; does that count for something?  It totally needs a 6” high metal star behind the low candle holder, and all I can think when I look at the mantel is how it doesn’t have one:


Oh, and I bought deely boppers:


Celebrating the true American Spirit of just phoning it in.  Happy early Fourth of July!

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