Rocco Talk-O

The thing about Rocco is can talk nonstop for hours on end.  It’s not so much that he can talk for hours on end but rather that he cannot stop talking for hours on end.  We learned long ago he lacks both an “off” button and a volume button, so we have modified our own brains to tune in and out of The Rocco Channel at will.

Somewhere around the 45th minute of a 60-minute car ride yesterday, Rocco said something that made me tune in for a minute.

Me: What?
R: See, there’s a fish on the back of the car.  That means those people love the twins.
Me: You mean your cousins, The Twins?  As in Jackson and Christian?
R: Yeah!
Me: How did you decide that?
R: Because in the olden days someone would come draw half a fish in the sand, and if another person liked the twins they would come draw the other half to make a fish.

And suddenly I couldn’t stop laughing.  I recalled a conversation the boys and I had a few months back about the Jesus fish.  I had told them the Christians used the fish as a symbol to show that they were still in existence and they still loved Jesus, even though it was against the law and they could go to jail (in the PG version they simply went to jail).

So yesterday in the car I realized that during the entire historical religious lesson, Rocco thought I had been talking about his cousin, Christian.  In his four-year-old brain it used to be illegal for people to like his cousin and now, today, if people like Rocco’s cousin, they put a fish on the back of their car.

We’re always saying it’s a small world, but when you’re four years old it’s an even smaller world that might just revolve around your own cousin.

I love being a part of Rocco’s world.

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