Up until a week ago our morning routines started with the boys waking at 6:30 and needing to eat.  I’d simultaneously make them breakfast, pack lunches and snacks, and try to eat something myself.  The next hour consisted of me breaking up fights, checking Vincenzo’s homework folder, and helping the boys get into normalish looking outfits for school.  I’d load the car with whatever we needed for the day—changes of clothes, speech therapy binders, spare diapers, backpacks, lunches, sports gear, water bottles.

Then I’d head back upstairs to brush the boys’ teeth, wipe jam off faces, break up more fights, tie shoes, find Vincenzo’s jacket, and make sure everyone was wearing pants and had gone potty.  Then to the garage to help Rocco with his helmet, make sure he was wearing biking shoes, also make sure his school shoes were in the car for when we got back, get Leo into the stroller, close the garage door and run out underneath it. 

Then I herded the crew up to the bus stop, breaking up more fights along the way and dealing with children who refused to walk another step.  We’d wait for the bus on our wooded corner, Leo dragging me through the trees and brush, me armed with a plastic bag to discreetly pick up any heroin needles we saw laying around. 

I’d give V one last kiss before he got on the bus and then shepherd the younger two back home and load them in the car, ignoring the screams of whichever child didn’t get in first.  I’d buckle seatbelts, check the shoe situation, grab a sippy cup of milk for Leo, then notice Leo had pooped.  I’d unbuckle his seatbelt, change his diaper, buckle him back into car, then drive to Rocco’s school to drop R off.  Finally I’d head back home to give Leo a snack, read him books, put him to bed and then collapse on the couch for a nap myself.

I guess I didn’t really think about how challenging it was but now that summer is here it is soooooooo much easier.  Our morning routine consists solely of making waffles and eating them, then maybe making some more waffles a little later and eating them too.  The biggest challenge I face in my mornings now is remembering which kid likes only butter on his waffles (V), which likes only syrup (R), and which one likes both (L).

The afternoons have been quite a different story–we run pretty hard until it’s dark out, which  doesn’t happen until 10 around here.  But it’s beaches and parks, parties and play dates instead of waiting out martial arts and basketball practices in sweaty, smelly gyms. 

Maybe by September and I will be worn out and looking forward to the start of school, but right now, at least, I just want it to be summer forever.

I finally get to Mom again!  And now for some pictures of what Momming looks like this summer:

STOP!  It’s hammock time.


Can you tell which castle was built by boys and which one by girls?


The true reason we signed up for Amazon prime:


Moments before he jumped off and gave Leo went flying both backwards and forwards:


The boys eating lunch in the playhouse, delivered via zip line:


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