Sharp Shooter

A couple weeks ago Kevin was standing in the ravine and I was standing several stories above him, on the deck.  He pointed to the toddler basketball hoop next to him…


…and told me that if I could make a shot on my first try he’d buy me a new wedding ring.

He continually underestimates his wife.  I nailed that shot like I had been practicing for it all year, on the off chance he might make that exact proposal.  BOOM.

My next move, of course, was to throw away my wedding ring since I wouldn’t be needing it anymore.  Then later that day we went to Molbak’s to buy some Japanese maples for our ravine.


On the way to the car Kevin said, “Hey, I thought of some great names for our trees!”  I looked at him skeptically.  “I named the one on the left ‘wedding’ and the one on the right ‘ring.’”

Beautiful.  Perfect!  I’m just not sure how to get these babies on my finger. 

Wait a minute…let me try something here…


Not the right finger for a wedding ring, I know, but it’s just so rich in symbolism!


2 thoughts on “Sharp Shooter

  1. Remind him that having a wife cool enough to sink a shot that long should have been given a new diamond every year.

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