Sandwich time starts now, Kevin

Kevin sent me this link to a sweet couple that just got engaged.  The boy told the girl he would marry her after she made him 300 sandwiches but couldn’t wait and popped the question at 256.  You can read the whole thing here.

My first reaction was, “Awwwwww.”  My second, of course, was to tell Kevin I have definitely made him 300 sandwiches in the past few years and where’s my new ring?  I actually cannot write his response in my blog, it was so totally inappropriate.  Maybe a couple of you sickos with perverted imaginations can imagine what he said, but probably not.

Anyway, today I handed Kevin some Chinese chicken salad and an orange-cranberry scone I had made him for his lunch.  He said, “It’s okay…but it’s no sandwich.”

I told him it was a deconstructed sandwich and he was supposed to stuff the scone with the Chinese chicken salad just before serving.

Here it is: Kevin’s Magnificent Orange Cranberry Apple Scone Chinese Chicken Sandwich:


Kitty cat wants to play?  GAME ON.

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