A few funnies

1. Leo, getting up from table: Drink milk long time.
Me: Thank you, little Wampanoag.

2. Me, filling Kevin in on “his” vegetable garden*: Something is eating your kale.
Vincenzo to Kevin: You have a tail?
Kevin: Not anymore…something ate my tail.

3. The note I put in Vincenzo’s lunch yesterday:


4. My horse joke, another original:
Q: What did the horse say to Sarah Jessica Parker?
A: Why the long face?

5. It was “Z” day at preschool this week, so Rocco and I made a batch of cookies:


Rocco kept saying, “It’s okay that we had to make N cookies instead…”  I guess he was standing at the other end of the tray.


Anyway, happy sideways N week, everyone!

*I actually do all the work in the vegetable garden but I call it “Kevin’s vegetable garden” so I don’t have to get so raging mad when the slugs, birds, rabbits, and deer eat every last leaf and pea off of our plants.  It’s so much better this way!

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