Mo’ mo’ San Diego

One of the rare moments Leo was looking up, instead of looking down at the Orange Fish:


Four kids watching the dolphins and one looking for the orange fish:


These sucker fish swarm your hand and glom onto you with their (toothless) sucker mouths.  It’s a creepy feeling, having 100 of them feeding on your hand, and even creepier when you think that these fish have evolved to live off of sun block and hand lotion:


Looking for orange fish some more:


At the zoo, pretending to be koalas outside the koala exhibit: can you tell which one is the real koala?




Outside the USS Midway, trying to show how big it is (“Sooooo big!):



Kevin, right after the moment he was able to say, “I peed on an aircraft carrier!”


A picture of Leo at Legoland that makes it look like he’s having an allergic reaction to Legos and his hands are swelling up:


We were a little uneasy watching Vincenzo was dig a man-sized hole on the beach, so we all breathed a sigh of relief when we saw who it was for:


Another family picture, or one that is close enough:


Mama’s boys:


I have 200 more pictures, so I might have to change the name of this blog to MrsMouthy Went to San Diego Once and just keeping going with it…or maybe one of these days I’ll move on.

One thought on “Mo’ mo’ San Diego

  1. Just had a second to catch up on your blog. I showed Larry the picture and caption of Kevin on the aircraft carrier and we had a good chuckle. 🙂 looks like you had a great vacation.

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