San Diego in Numbers

1. Number of square meals my kids ate on vacation: 0

2. Number of individual sunblock applications: 45+

3. Number of broken Q-tips I had to remove from my husband’s ear: 2*

4. Number of explanations given for #3: 0

5. Number of naps Leo missed: Don’t ask—I’m still stressing out about it!

6. Number of times I lost something important (including, but not limited to my phone, both the room keys, my glasses, everyone’s sunglasses, my wedding ring, Kevin’s credit card): lost count on second day

7. Number of days it took me to walk from the lobby to our room without making a wrong turn: 4

8. Number of times Vincenzo asked us if he could go to the hotel’s arcade: GAH!

9. Number of times Kevin had to tell me, “Relax! We’re on vacation!” 5 days x 20 times = 100ish

10. Number of honey badgers spotted not caring: 1

11. Number of panda stuffies bought for our 3 boys: 2

12. Number of fights that caused: 222

13: Number of memories made: Countless!

14.  Number of memories made I’d like to forget: Less than the answer to #13, which is all that matters

15.  Number of pictures I am including in this post: 4




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