California here we came…

I just flew back from San Diego and boy are my arms tired!  The good news is now I have some stuff to blog about, but it’s kind of overwhelming.  I’ll start with the easiest and most obvious: making fun of ourselves.  We are unusually easy targets.

We met up with another family of friends in San Diego, and they have two girls.  We are not used to being around girls but within minutes of arriving we started getting the hang of it:


For the record, I did not tell him to pose that way.  He was just following his instincts. 

I won a minion at Legoland shooting hoops.


It became immediately clear that either Leo or the minion would fit on the plane ride home but not both, so we found a nice childless couple and let them take their pick.


They chose wisely.  Very wisely, as you’ll see in my Leo post.

Just an eagle watching the Beluga whales passing by…


At SeaWorld every time we passed the flamingoes I lost track of Kevin:


Forgot to take a family photo the whole trip—the closest we got was four out of five.


I wanted to photoshop myself into his picture but realized that, in fact, I am not in a single picture from this vacation—so I had to go to my archives for a picture of myself.


Something doesn’t look quite right about that picture.  Let me adjust it a bit…


There!  Now that’s a nice family photo!

Today I leave you with Vincenzo, summing up the vacation from his parents’ point of view:


More on San Diego tomorrow!

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