Wednesday funnies

1. Rocco: Mom, I might be allergic to tacos.

2. Vincenzo is working on a report about JFK.  I walked in on a conversation he was having with Kevin as Vincenzo was taking notes:

Kevin: …yeah, but try to use some tact when you talk about someone’s death.  Don’t just say “He blew up.”
Me: Who blew up?
Vincenzo: JFK’S brother.
Me: Oh.  A lot of the Kennedys died tragic deaths.  And they died young.
V: JFK didn’t die young.  He was forty six!

3. Rocco:  Vincenzo, you just blocked my see of the cereal box!

4. Rocco: Look, I got the tail of the cherry!


Maybe one of these days I’ll have some time to write a longer post about what our jam-packed days are like and the inner workings of Mrs. Mouthy’s brain but for now you’ll have to do with this nicopatch of a post.

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