Yikes, it’s been awhile since I posted.  My days are just so packed lately I don’t have time to write about them!  Here’s a roughly edited posted that is probably awkwardly worded and full of spelling errors, but it’s the best I can do these days!

Vincenzo is the best sleeper in our house, but even great sleepers have their off nights.  Last week he got up around midnight asking for a Q-Tip because his ear suddenly felt dirty.  It was an easy fix, but a bit bizarre.

Last night’s problem was a bit trickier.  He woke up  worried that the next time he goes on a water slide it will fill all the way up with water while he’s coming down and he’ll drown.  We tried our best to assure him this is physically impossible in many ways.  I even drew him a comic with a better ending than the one in his head…


…but he remained unconvinced. 

Finally we told him he could read a book in bed to get his mind off it.  “Okay,” he said, and happily went back to bed reading a book about the assassination of JFK.  Oddly enough reading about a president being murdered in cold blood reassured his worried head that everything is right in the world, and he easily fell back to sleep.

Kids can be weird.

Vincenzo has always been a saver/hoarder.  I pack a lunch for him and toss in two pieces of Halloween candy, and when his lunchbox comes back everything is gone except for one and a half pieces of candy.  He has eaten just half of the lesser favorite of the two.

I’ve stopped packing two pieces of candy and the other day sent him with just one mini Reeses PB cup the other day.  It came back looking like this:


He gets a couple hundred dollars of birthday and Christmas cash each year and he never spends a penny of it.

I used to think it was cute and funny, how he saves his favorites, but now I am worried about him growing up being afraid of eating candy and spending money.  I don’t want him to deny himself life’s pleasures or to feel guilty when he indulges.  I don’t want him to be stingy with his money, just smart with it.  I don’t want him to binge on candy, just to enjoy it here and there.

So the candy comes back with a mouse-bite size out of it.  I take Vincenzo to the pantry and show him his bulging bag of Christmas, Halloween, and Easter candy.  I show him all our boxes of Girl Scout cookies and our bins of candy bought or given to us for whatever reasons.  Then I hand him his tiny Reeses PB Cup and tell him it’s okay to eat it.

He does.  He looks like he is being punished, and I feel a bit guilty about “making” him eat it.

Sometimes I have to do the weirdest things to help my kids turn out normal.

Mashed potatoes
Caramelized carrots

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