One Funny Taco

1. Rocco: Vincenzo, if you keep going to martial arts you’re going to run out of batteries!

2. Rocco, explaining who Leo is to a friend: Leo is a little boy.  He’s not a girl.  Leo is my son.

3. We have a lot of crosswalk signs that look like this in our city:


Rocco has been calling them “alien crossing” signs because the head is not connected to the body, so it’s clear these beings are not human.  Here’s a snippet from a conversation we had in the car yesterday:

Me: There’s another alien crosswalk, Rocco!
Rocco: Yes…no neck.
Me: It looks like aliens don’t have hands or feet either.
R: Yes, they do have hands and feet.  They wouldn’t be able to walk without feet.

He spent a couple minutes lecturing me on the anatomy of alien bodies, then concluded with, “I don’t exactly remember what they look like; it’s been a long time since we went to space.”

4.  This last one is my favorite conversation I have ever had with Rocco:

Rocco:  Grandma is my mom.
Me: No, Grandma is Daddy’s Mom.  I’m your Mom.
R: And I’m your mom.
Me: No, Rocco.  I’m your mom.  You call me Mom, right?
R: Hey Rachel, who’s my mom now?

5.  (Because it feels weird to end a post with only 4 points)

E-mailed to me by Rocco’s teacher:


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