Totally Baked

Holy vanilla beans, Batman, it’s been an insane week.  I love to bake but sometimes it gets a little out of hand.  Here’s what I’ve pounded out the past two days:


I bake for the birthdays of struggling teens at a nearby high school, and one of their birthdays happened to fall on the same day I am prepping for Leo’s second birthday party, and then Kevin mentioned he needs a batch of cookies for work.  On the table you are looking at:

4 dozen Butterfinger cupcakes
2 dozen chocolate chip cookies
3 dozen French icebox cookies
4 dozen uncoated orange/teal cake balls for Leo’s cake
4 batches of finished cake balls for favors

Of course, all this happened on the same week that my Kitchenaid mixer died, all the downstairs lights stopped working, and my washing machine broke.

I will be okay if I don’t see another bag of candy melts or a repairman for a few months now.

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