Olympic Junkies

We watch TV about as often as the Olympics come on, but when they are here we watch enough TV to make up for the two years in between.  It has been an eye-opening experience for our boys—here are a few of the conversations that happened in our house last weekend:

1. Rocco, telling me about the Olympics: Mom, there was this guy on the ice and he did this spinny jump and he turned around a few times and landed without his knees not even touching the ground!!!!!
Me: Oh—you were watching figure skating.  I don’t know how they can do all those tricks on the ice when I couldn’t even do them on the ground!
R: Oh I know why!  It’s probably because he was wearing that shiny sparkly shirt!

2.  Vincenzo, watching the countries walk in the opening ceremonies: Is Pittsburgh going to be participating in the Olympics?

3.  Rocco, watching the countries walk in the opening ceremonies: The people from each place have matching skin!

4.  Me: It seems like Taipei should have more Olympic athletes than that.
Kevin: Why?
Me: Because they’re so Type A.

(If blogging doesn’t start paying off soon, I’m going to have to start making popsicle sticks.)

Chicken Pot Pie
No sides.  I can never figure out what to serve with chicken pot pie.

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