6th (or 8th) anniversary gift

I still need to get Kevin a gift for February (candy, since I accidentally switched 6th and 8th gifts).  In the meantime, this weekend we went to the pottery class I signed us up for.  Kevin had “Unchained Melodies” ready to play on his phone at any moment but wimped out and missed a lot of perfect opportunities.




Other than all the reminders the instructor had to give Kevin to put his shirt back on, it was such a fun date.  It brought back some of the thrill and newness that marked our first couple years together.  And it turns out we’re not too old to learn new tricks:


Just kidding—those were the instructor’s.  Here are ours:


I think we actually invented some new kinds of dishes, like the cupvase and the bowlpot.  If you can’t tell by looking, these gems weigh about a pound each.  And this is only half of our finished ones.

And not only did we have a fun evening together, but as a bonus we also have all of next year’s Christmas shopping done.  Just let us know early if you’re in for tombstone gray or toilet plunger brown, m’kay?

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