7th anniversary

Kevin was in charge of our seventh anniversary gift, and the gift choices he had to choose from were copper, wool, and desk sets.  He decided to go for two out of three but wouldn’t tell me any more than that; he said it was a Mystery Date. 

I was excited!  The last time he took me on a Mystery Date was eleven years ago, on our fourth date.  Kevin had taken mental notes of every conversation we had had up to that point and incorporated all my biggest wishes and loves into one date—we started at my favorite coffee house where he whipped out a bunch of Australia travel books that we looked through, marking our favorite places with sticky notes.  (When we compared notes, it turns out all we had flagged were up things that made us laugh, like “Chinaman’s Knob” and “Come by Chance.”)  Then we went to a ceramics studio to paint our own dishes since he knew I was artistic.  We finished with dinner at an Australian restaurant (yes, it was Outback) and there was an option fourth part of the date: a movie back at his house.

In the eleven years that have passed since then, we’ve had a lot more conversations and I have let slip a lot more things that I want.  The possibilities were pretty much endless for our seventh anniversary mystery date!

Out date started Mediterranean restaurant that served lamb, which Kevin told me was close enough to wool, and we were joined by our friends the Coopers, whose name, Kevin said, was close enough to copper.

During dinner Kevin told me there was an optional third part of the date (note that there was no second part) and while he and Mr. Cooper-not-Copper exchanged bawdry looks, Mrs. Cooper-not-Copper and I promptly left to get some froyo across the street.

Mystery Dates used to take so much planning and, well, mystery.  Now they consist of Kevin not telling me the name of the restaurant we’re going to.  Sigh.*

But what our date lacked in mystery it made up for in the amount we talked and laughed and in the most comfortable kind of happiness that comes from being together eleven years.  Guide books and sticky notes?  Who needs ‘em.  We know that no matter where we go or what we do, we’ll still be laughing all the way to the finish line.

You still got it, Kevin.

Penne ragu
French bread
Roasted broccoflower
Double chocolate cupcakes

*To the Coopers-not-Coppers: It was really lovely to catch up with you and we had a wonderful time at dinner.  (Your big news is still making us smile!)  If I sound at all disgruntled it is because I am fulfilling my obligation to make fun of anything Kevin does on this blog.  Winking smile

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