Leo Do II

I finished Monday’s post on Leo and then realized I’m not done with him yet.

Captain EO”* has to do everything is brothers do.  If they put on shoes, he puts on his “oosh.”  If they jump off the couch, he jumps off the couch.  If Vincenzo says he likes the Seahawks and Rocco says he likes the Seahawks, Leo yells, “Meeeeeeee!”  If two of his brothers are eating peas he grabs the bowl and stuffs all the peas in his mouth. 

It gets even more ridiculous.  Last week we sent Vincenzo to his room for a time out.  Leo ran down the hallway behind him yelling, “OWN!” and went to his own room, slammed the door, and stayed inside for his own time out.

He’s not the first in the house to want to do everything someone else does.  Rocco first coined the phrase “hum dat” because he was always pointing to things other people had and saying he wanted, “Hum dat!”  The hum datting runs deep with these boys.

So Kevin came home from work the other day and said he needed to go to the bathroom.  Rocco said, “I need to go to the bathroom too!” and beat Kevin to the master bathroom.  Kevin deferred and headed to the guest bathroom, but by then Leo caught hold of what was going on.  Kevin got there to see that a fully-clothed Leo had closed the lid to the toilet and was sitting atop it, making grunting noises.  When he saw Kevin standing there, looking incredulous, he calmly got off the toilet, flushed it, and headed off to see what Rocco was going to do next.

If only sibling rivalry were an event in the Olympics, this would be the face of your next Olympic champion.


Lemon salmon
Salad with goat cheese, pecans, and raspberries
Roasted tri-color potatoes
Raspberry almond bars

*He’s started calling himself “Ee-oh” lately, which has naturally led to this nickname.

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