Oh Grammy

One thing about my beloved mom, known mostly as “Grammy,” is that she can never seem to leave our house without leaving one thing behind.  Common items include her coffee mug, her phone, her glasses, her purse, and her jacket.  We always ask her when she leaves, “Grammy, do you have your mug?  Your glasses?  Your purse?” and on through the whole list.  But still, every time she leaves there is something we haven’t thought of to ask her about.

So last month we had a party for absolutely no reason and definitely not because it was Grammy’s birthday, and any alignment in the date of our party and the date of Grammy’s birthday were purely coincidental.

Anyway.  A few minutes after Grammy and Poppy drove off in their white minivan we saw Poppy’s fanny pack on the floor.  We laughed about how for once Grammy remembered to bring everything home with her but now Poppy is forgetting things.

As we were texting Poppy about his fanny pack we looked out the window to see a blue Camry abandoned in front of our house.

I asked Kevin, “Is that—is that Grammy’s car?”

It was, indeed, Grammy’s car.  Incredibly, she had driven off without her car.

So now when Grammy leaves our house we will ask her, “Do you have your coffee mug?  Do you have your purse?  And do you have your CAR?”

Oh Grammy, we love you.  And we can’t wait to see what your next move will be.


Harvest chicken
Saffron rice pilaf
Balsamic mushrooms
Chocolate cake pops

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