Snow Day!

We went in search of snow this weekend…and found it!  I know this is easy for most people in the U.S. this winter, but Seattle is that one player on your team who might not be the star but is always consistent, (50 degrees, overcast, and drizzly), so this snowy weekend felt like Christmas all over again.

This photo is the whole reason we went to a snow town this weekend.  Well, not exactly to get this photo itself but for all the joy that this photo conveys…


…and the wonder and happiness that started at the kid level and spread quickly upward:


As a side note, Leo calls this his “who-who hat.”


Their cousin someday is going to get arrested for these eyes of his—they can’t be legal, can they?


Rocco asked me to build him a snow chair to sit on and I told him I’d do better than that…I’d build him a snow throne, and I’d crown him King of the Snow!


It ended up looking more like a toilet, and he sat on it for a good half hour like this.  I should wash those snow pants.


Here’s Aunt Jnet looking like she’s just innocently touching this stick that she actually knocked to the ground and is now trying to fix.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually a lever that adjusts the national temperatures, so watch out everyone.


From humble beginnings..


…come crooked things.  Proof that we don’t really know how this snow stuff works.  Also, this snowman now has to register his name if he buys a house in your neighborhood.


Vincenzo has been wearing this hat for two years and at first I loved it because it was ridiculous but I’ve gotten so used to it that the hat no longer seems ridiculous and now I’m thinking of growing his hair out:


Anyway, SNOW.  We love it so you don’t have to.



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