Bits and pieces

1. Vincenzo, looking through his Halloween candy: Look!  I got Milk Dudes!

2. Vincenzo: Yay—I got a cantina for Christmas!  [It was a canteen.]

3. Rocco: Mom, trains are still my favorite but I wish I liked planes because planes are a little bit cooler.

4. Rocco, eating beef stew: When I eat this at first my mouth is smiling but then it makes my mouth do this. [frowns]

5. Me, reading to Vincenzo: “…blah blah blah Ulysses S. Grant…”
V: I know about Ulysses S. Grant!  He helped our side win in the civil war!
Me: Yep—he helped lead the Yankees to victory.
V, laughing: No, Mom!  This isn’t about baseball!

6, Rocco: Mom, when can we go back to Elevenworth?  [He meant Leavenworth.]

7. Me, on a batch of lentil molten lava cakes I made: This is the worst molten lava cake I’ve ever made but it’s still the best lentil I’ve ever made.

Wow, that felt good–it’s pretty rare that I make it onto my own blog!

Chipotle-rubbed halibut
Mexican corn cakes
Cumin black beans
Frozen espresso cheesecake

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