New Year’s Resolutions, Now in Technicolor!

Happy 2014, oh loyal readers!  We had a little get together on New Year’s Eve and during the course of the night the kids coincidentally happened to demonstrate each of my New Year’s resolutions.  For example…

New Year’s resolution #1: Get more exercise.


New Year’s resolution #2: When playing a make believe hunting game, always remember to bring the hunting parasol.


New Year’s resolution #3: Eat less ketchup. 

Or maybe this resolution is supposed to be “Eat more ketchup?”  It’s hard to say.  I’ll just revise it to…New Year’s resolution #3: KETCHUP!

New Year’s Resolution #4: Remember to wear my glasses.


New Year’s resolution #5: Don’t tell these kids they don’t look anything like Batman in these masks.


New Year’s resolution #7: Invite the kid on the left over more often.

photo 2

New Year’s Resolution #8: Wear more hats.


New Year’s resolution #9: Fake it ‘til  you make it!

(Not faking it):


(Faking it):


New Year’s resolution #10: Continue to capitalize on awkward moments.


New Year’s resolution #11: Get more sleep.


And that’s it!  I hope 2014 brings you more laughs than a boatload of blog posts.  Or maybe a buttload of blog posts.  I’ve never been really clear which is the right figure of speech.


Happy New Year!

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