Of Christmas Parties and Furniture Stores

Microsoft’s Christmas parties have changed over the years.  Here’s a picture of the first one we went to together, 12 years ago:


It was at the Convention Center in Seattle, huge, with the latest video games set up to test out, seven different International sections of food and activities to sample, and a giant Space Needle made out of balloons.  Everyone wore their prom dresses because that’s what we had.

That was followed by a couple years of parties at the Quest Field (now the Clink), the Space Needle, Safeco Field, the Space Needle, the Space Needle again…

When the Christmas party e-mail got sent out each November I had gotten to the point where I’d pray as I opened it, “Please not the Space Needle…” 

I had to ask myself: Am I growing old…or just snobby?

I guess you should be careful what you wish for because this year when I clicked on the Christmas party e-mail I saw that it was being held at a furniture gallery.  A furniture gallery!

My first thought was, “Thank goodness we don’t have to go into Seattle this year,” which answered my question of old versus snobby.  (Old.)

Here’s a picture of this year’s Christmas party. 


We are all wearing slacks because that’s what we have.

We started our date early to squeeze in some Christmas shopping and, as husband, my Bah Humbug of a husband told me after a couple of hours that if I wanted to change my mind and just go home to go to bed early instead of going to the party he’d be perfectly okay with that.

But lo!  The furniture gallery provided the perfect solution!


And I have to say that my major complaint of company Christmas parties in the past has been a lack of seating.  There are usually three cocktail tables with three barstools each and 1,000 attendees.  That leaves 991 adults in cocktail dresses and suits, sitting on the floor eating shrimp out of their laps.

The furniture gallery fixed all that.  There were chairs!  And couches!  An actual dining room table you could eat at!  And while all of these luxuries had price tags attached to them, it was decidedly much better than having no chairs with no price tags on them.

I’m not sure what the lesson to be learned here is.  I started out thinking that this was going to be a “be careful what you wish for” kind of post but we had such a good time at the furniture gallery party that now I’m thinking we should complain even louder to see if something even better comes up next year.

Seriously, guys.  How awesome would it be to have a party at a car dealership?  Or a mattress warehouse?  OMG, Costco!  Cash ‘n Carry!  THE DOLLAR STORE!

2014, you’re going to be a good year.

(And our party just might be at Good Year!)

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