Snow Train

We rode the snow train to Leavenworth last weekend.  The trip sounds miserable on paper: six hours up there in a train, three hours in 9 degree weather, another six hours home by train.

But somehow, magically, inexplicably, the boys never once got bored and we never once turned on any kind of electronic device for them.  I am still sitting at home waiting for the other five signs of Armageddon to start unfolding.  Or I could be more of an optimist and just say it was a Christmas miracle.

Leavenworth is a tiny alpine town, more of a street, really, with German-looking stores that sell Christmas ornaments year-round.  The town is brimming with brats, beer, carolers, and in the winter you can actually buy a cup of chestnuts that are roasting on a friggin’ open fire.  But I think people only make that mistake once.  (Have you ever eaten a chestnut?)

The boys weren’t interested in any of that of course.  All they wanted to do was sled down the sledding hill.


You may be thinking, “But there’s no snow on the sledding hill.”  SHHH!  Don’t tell the boys!

This cute little girl in a lumberjack hat kept hanging around us.


Scratch that—turns out it was actually a cute little boy in pink snow pants.


(He picked these out for himself last year.  Poor Leo—hand-me-downs can be a b****.)  (Also: Until this shot, I didn’t know it was possible to photobomb your own picture.)

You’ll have to excuse City Boy here—where he comes from they call hills like these “mountains.”


Then again, where he comes from they also call a 9-degree winter day with no wind chill factor “spring.”

Vincenzo can’t help but look like this in his pictures. 


If Master Pokemon Guru Champion doesn’t work out as a career choice for him, at least he can fall back on modeling.  It’s always good to have a back-up plan.

During our three hours in Leavenworth chestnuts were eaten, hot chocolate was drank, carols were sang to us and accordioned to us, crooned to us and once even spooned to us, Santa’s lap was sat upon, hill was sledded on, and Christmas tree was lit. 


The entire Christmas season packaged neatly into one day.  Plus, as a bonus the boys received new nicknames of “Spanky and Sparky” by a magician on the train  Guess there’s only one good way to end this day:


Sleep tight, little Spanky. 

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