Christmas card outtakes

So I took about 1,000 photos of my boys this fall tying to get The One for our Christmas card.  I never did get The One I was looking for, but here are some of my honest-to-goodness real attempts at getting a Christmas card photo of my boys.



(Okay, I knew this one wouldn’t go on the card but it did happen during a photo shoot.)

Here I finally got a good one of V and R…but no Leo.


This is about the best one I got of Leo that day:


So I thought, “Hmmm…”


Yeah, no.

And while I kept getting great shots of this guy…



…this other guy kept holding various objects and refusing to let go for pictures:

A brush (and also it looks like his brothers are going to eat his brains here):


A granola bar (and also now it looks like Leo wants to eat your brains):


Gummi worms (though let’s be real, that’s not the main reason this photo got eliminated):


And my favorite, a broom:*


I got a bunch of “almost…” shots where at least you could see I had a vision:




Anyway, getting a good shot of all three boys was my obsession for all of September and I am so glad that’s over.  Now I can go back to obsessing about other things like my new gray hairs and if the amount my husband farts is normal, and whether or not the two are related.

I’ll save the pretty pictures for another day.  I don’t want to undermine the authenticity of these pictures with a few shots I got of them accidentally looking at the camera and smiling!

*Look, Mom!  We finally own a broom!

2 thoughts on “Christmas card outtakes

  1. So I just got your Christmas card today, and already somebody asked if this was the sample card that comes when you order pictures. Your kids are model beautiful. Mine only smile for the camera if you make fart jokes.

  2. Oh, fart jokes were made. Candy was distributed liberally. Once I fell down on accident when I was backing up to take a picture (see the smiling one of the boys on the log–I snapped that from the ground as they were laughing at me), so I had to keep pretending to fall down after that. Next year I’m just hiring someone to do all this for me!

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