Thanksgiving Placecards

The leaves they’ve been a-fallin’, and lately when I go for a walk through all their glorious colors and shapes it gives me the same feeling as walking into a candy store when I was a kid.  I can’t just let these gorgeous gems go to waste when I have a whole cupboard of glue and mod podge and Sharpies at home!  Here’s what we did with a bunch of them this year, and if you collect some this weekend you could make the same for your Thanksgiving holiday.


1.  Collect a bunch of small leaves.  Press between sheets of newspaper or paper towels and weight down with heavy books for about two weeks.


2.  Cut some 2×3” rectangles of white paper.  Cut turkey bodies, beaks, and wattles out of paper (I used non acidic scrapbooking paper so they won’t fade over time.)  Glue onto the white rectangles to look like turkeys; draw in eyes and legs with a thin permanent marker.



3.  Press again between pieces of waxed paper and weight down with books (this helps the turkey bodies and leaves adhere together).  Leave overnight.


4.  Write each person’s name on the white cards above the turkeys.  Cut a piece of fall-colored tagboard 2.5” by 7” and fold it in half to make a 2.5 by 3.5” standing card.  Mount your turkey to the face of the card with double-sided tape.


I love these all so much!  I don’t know how they’ll hold up for next year, but they are so fun and easy to make I wouldn’t mind having the chance to make them all over again.

*It’s best to keep the placecards pressed until using them, or the turkeys will start misbehaving.  No joke.

*If any of the turkeys do start to fall off when finished, use double-sided tape to fix them up.

Happy leaf gathering!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Placecards

  1. I really need more posts for those days when I am bored at work, which are more and more frequent. Please and thank you.

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