Pumpkin Personalities

Our jack-o-lanterns are not quite like the ones you’ll find in a Martha Stewart magazine, but they are getting a little specialized.

You can probably predict what Rocco wanted on his if you’ve ever met him or read this blog for any length of time.


(Rocco micromanaged every cut and scrape we made, also in typical fashion, and when we were finished he loudly let us know that we did it all wrong.)

Vincenzo, my book worm, ordered up a Harry Potter pumpkin then went to the couch to read while I carved it:


And Leo’s pumpkin was a no-brainer.  We made to look like him!


How’d we do?


Happy Halloween everyone!


Domino’s pizza
Salad (thanks, B!)
Caramel whiskey apple cider

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Personalities

  1. Hey – where did you get that blonde kid? He looks like he should be in my family. Which Harry Potter books has V read? I let M read the first 3 last year but then thought that the subsequent books were too dark/mature and didn’t let her continue. She brings up the fact that I never let her finish the series at least once a week (keep in mind it was a solid 6 months ago she finished third book – so lots of nagging). I haven’t read the latter books and all of my teacher friends that I asked recommended having her wait. What is your opinion???? We should compare some book recs for our avid readers – plus didn’t you owe me a dinner invite? Or at least a play date?? Miss you!

  2. Hi Case! I just let V read the first one and promised him the second one after the holidays. I am making them stretch out, partly so we can share them together (if I just gave him the series he’d rip through the books in two weeks) and partly because the books y do get darker. I figure 2 or 3 a year until we’re through. And yes, he has become obsessed with when we’re going to read the next one as well! Another of our very favorite series is the How to Train Your Dragon ones–they are like Harry Potter only with humor and they are the most fun books ever to read aloud. Give ’em a try if you haven’t yet!

  3. I’ll check out the How to Train Your Dragon ones – I’ve heard of them but shockingly don’t have them (I’m a bit of an obsessive book collector with chaper books). I have the Eragon and Dragon Rider books but haven’t checked them out yet. Good idea to spread out the HP series – I just let her whip through the first three before hiding the others. :0) Thanks!

  4. Have you read the Charlie Bone series? Just found those and was going to offer them up to her next.

  5. Vincenzo loves Charlie Bone…but the series is a bit too cheesy for me so I just let him read them on his own. As long as he likes it, I guess my opinion doesn’t matter though!

  6. Good to know – I haven’t proofed, just read reviews. I have 2-4 but still need 1. I am a thrift store/library store chapter book-aholic. :0)

    Do I get to see you sometime or what? Do I have to take a class to get on your calendar?

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